• Custom self service kiosks including iPad Point Of Sales Solutions

    We provide custom self service payment kiosks. If you are looking for a solution where you can avoid adding or replacing a live cashier, look no further. We design, build, create customize software and support self service payment kiosks. Like ATM machines, our kiosk solutions process cash, credit card and check payments; it produces a receipt for the customer and updates your backend accounting system.

    Cash handling and credit card processing is made simple! Our kiosk can dispense change, tickets, tokens, smart cards and receipts.

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Lastest Posts

  • Church Donations & Contributions

    If it is the goal of the church to maximize the value of its member’s tithes, offerings, donations and contributions, then, your “Pal” is making you “Pay” too much! While in church, if a member makes a bank card contribution, the church should receive the lowest qualified discounted rate. If the church is paying 3% or greater for members who make on-line credit card contributions, then allow us to demonstrate true savings…

    Our in-church iPad kiosk allows members and guest to make tithes, offerings, donations and contributions. They select the category, the amount, swipe their debit or credit card and the receipt is automatically emailed to them. We offer free standing floor models, wall mounts, desktops and handheld iPad solutions with card readers.

  • iPad Children Services Kiosk

    Allow church members to check-in their children before service and check them out with security in mind. Our solution tracks attendance in real time, communicate with parents while in the sanctuary using text messages and allow volunteer and staff members to remain continually informed. Sticking a name label on the back of a child only drops off during play; this is far from safe and desirable. Take a look at our solution; it is innovative and efficient.

  • No cash… No problem… iPad Kiosk for in-service church donations…

    For members that do not carry cash and at times forget their check books, our iPad Kiosks can process their debit or credit card contributions. Placed strategically throughout the church, your members can give easily and hassle free. They can register for seminars, events, concerts and ministries without long line delays.

  • Hardware for Sale

    Check Scanner bracket for Card Scanning Solution’s ScanShell 800 series scanners.

    If you are in need of an effective and professional looking bracket to attach your ScanShell 800 scanner to a kiosk or platform, we have the hardware you are looking for. Scan checks directly into your enclosure, or affix the card scanner onto a surface so that IDs can be scanned and retrieved without the scanner being removed.

  • Church Envelope and Check imaging solutions (scanning, reading, digital storage and retrieval)

    The IRS requires all church organizations to retain contribution envelopes for up to seven years. In complying with this requirement, most churches have boxes on top of boxes stored in limited valuable church space. Well, we have developed a hardware/ software solution that replaces the boxes with digital storage and retrieval. Not only do we digitize the front and back of the tithing envelopes, our software allows you to capture the values written on the envelopes. So you can easily run tape and reconcile contribution amounts. Allow us to demonstrate the effectiveness…

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