About Us

Foster Innovations first developed its self service payment kiosk over twenty years ago for a family owned taxi cab company in Rochester, New York. The cab drivers would simply walk up to this ATM like machine and process their cash payments without staff involvement.

Fast forward to today, and Foster Innovations provides custom automated payment processing kiosk for several different industries.  Our focus is on the small to middle business market where payment processing is vital as well as keeping an eye on the cost of accomplishing that task.

Credit card and check payment processing in today’s business environment is equally as important as cash processing.  So we are focused on the latest technologies to process payments using all of these methods.  If you want your customers to make payments in person, over the telephone, via the Internet, using their smartphones or via your tablet PCs, we can assist in bringing you that just right payment processing solution.

We are about providing unmatched customer service and innovative turnkey payment processing solutions.

Contact us to see how we can possibly assist you in accomplishing your payment processing goals…

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